In order to standardize the methodology for community decarbonization and electrification, we use a blockchain driven protocol that collects benchmark data to identify stable and equitable business cases to replicate across the most polluted communities first.

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The resulting scenarios will support the co-design of the protocol, which will help identifying the optimal configuration for an integrated and decarbonized community. The goal is to create a a robust open-source data-driven protocol that operates under multiple market conditions demonstrating interoperability, scalability and replicability.

Three large-scale commercial pilots  across California and one in Spain aim to cultivate the shifting towards predictive and prescriptive analytics and to enable multiple data source analytics for a wide

range of applications.


The geographical coverage of the pilot sites aims to support the large-scale global replicability and market take-up of services and solutions in different socio-economical contexts to maximize the impact across borders.