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Decarbonizing Our World, One City at a Time


Santa Ana, ca

The vision for the Santa Ana Environmental Justice Innovation Zone project is to create decarbonization benefits in disadvantaged communities (DACs) while providing affordable, reliable energy in a way that benefits both customers and the electricity grid. The goal of the project is to demonstrate and quantify the benefits of aggregated assets in a flagship mixed-use multifamily development.


Technical Data:

- Multi Asset (100% Electric +VVP + Microgrid)

- Single Community (109 Units)

- Product Implementation

- Mix Used Affordable (1 New Building)

- Ev Micro Transit

- 250+ Data Points

Bassett Avocado_WHITE_SM.png

Santa Monica, ca

The vision for Santa Monica ClimateTech Innovation Zone is based on the implementation of the larger 100%

electric affordable building inventory within the city Disadvantaged Community. Over fifty buildings including existing and new developments will be up grade, aggregated and connect into a Virtual Power Plant become the larger of is kind in the world as today. The network will be include EV Micro-Transit as part of the VPP component. A community center “ImpactLab” will be located within the zone to educate, showcase and mobilize people to get involved on the city’s climate agenda.


Technical Data:

- Multi Asset (100% Electric + VVP)

- Multi Community

- New & Retrofit (700+ Units)

- Mix Used Affordable (51 Buildings)

- Ev Micro Transit

- 1000+ Data Points

solar 2 (0-00-00-04) (1).jpg

Los Angeles,CA

The Basset-Avocado Advanced Energy Community (BAAEC) is the master prosumer pilot. The award-winning consortium is deploying an innovative and versatile model focused on providing affordable, locally produced renewable energy and energy services at scale within a disadvantaged community. The BAAEC, a 28,000-resident community will serve enrolled participants using a complex system comprised of seven main components.

Technical Data:

- Multi Asset (VVP + Micro grid + EV Micro-Transit + Community Solar)

- Community Scale (28K Residents)

- Products Development

- Products Proof of Value

- 150+ Data Points

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